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We train to the highest standards to develop safe, confident pilots.

Our instructors are dedicated, passionate teachers — not just pilots. We use a structured approach for your training with a comprehensive syllabus and dedicated flight resources. We track your progress closely toward your pilot certification and our aircrafts are selected for training purposes to optimize your experience and develop flying skills for larger aircraft transition.

Hundreds of Pilots Trained

Two Elite Simulators

TAA Aircraft

Pilot Training Center since 2008

Instructors Dedicated to your success

Upset and Spin Training


Learn To Fly!

Make Your Dream a Reality

Want to spend weekends with nice weather flying an aircraft? If so, the Recreational Pilot License may be the license for you. It’s ideal for flying in the area when the weather is nice.

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Aviation Career

FAA Approved Commercial Flight School

Today, commercial pilots are in great demand, and Acadian Pilot’s Professional Pilot Program is designed to prepare individuals who want to pursue flying as a career.

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Experienced Educators

Teaching people how to fly is not just my full-time job,
but it is my lifelong love.

Teaching people how to fly is my full-time job and I offer Acadiana’s only full-time Flight Training, which means that you can learn on your timetable. Most flight schools make you work around their schedule. At Acadian Pilot, you fly when it is convenient for you. For more information, contact Acadian Pilot.

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This is a fantastic school. I was able to get all my hours on some really good planes.

Acadian Pilot fast tracked my career as a commercial pilot. I was able to get a great job!