Airline Career Program

Acadian Career Program is designed to prepare individuals who want to pursue flying as a career. This program is multi engine intensive with 55 hours in a multi engine aircraft providing thorough preparation for airline flying, corporate or general commercial flying. 

And today, commercial pilots are in great demand, seeing pay increases up to 100% in the last six years and with industry experts predicting a shortfall of 15,000 US pilots in the next 10 years, demand — along with salaries and compensation packages — will grow for years to come.  

Commercial pilot salaries were stagnant in the 1990s and 2000s for several reasons, from the FAA moving back mandatory retirement age to 65 from 60, to many airlines increasing their minimum hours needed to get a chair, to the prohibitive training and certification costs and a perceived lack of financing (see more under our financing section).

But increasing demand has spawned a niche market of nontraditional banks and lenders to help students finance their commercial pilot training. In addition, airlines are stepping up to the plate, offering to pay more and more of incoming pilots’ training and certification expenses.

Acadian Aviation’s program thoroughly prepares individuals for airline flying, corporate or general commercial flying. And, as always, Acadian Pilot’s team of dedicated instructors will work with you to help you attain your goal at your pace.

While the FAA raised minimum flight hours for a commercial pilot to 1,500 in 2013, college graduates and military veterans can secure a co-chair seat with a major airline with as few as 500 hours and Congress is looking at new legislation that would allow new pilots to count classroom hours toward the minimum.

Airline Career Program Course Includes:

  • Zero time to Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot
  • 215 Total Flight Hours
  • 105 Flight Hours Single-Engine (PA 28-161)
  • 85 Flight Hours Complex (PA28R-201)
  • 37 Flight Hours Multi-Engine (PA 30B)
  • 125 Academic Hours
  • Private Pilot Certificate – Single Engine 
  • Instrument Rating – Single-Engine
  • Commercial Pilot – Single-Engine
  • Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine
  • Course Registration & Flight Manuals
  • Cross Country Flight Training – Single & Multi-Engine
  • Flight Instruction
  • Ground Instruction
  • Pre-Flight Pilot Briefing
  • Post-Flight Pilot Briefing
  • FAA Written Exam Fees
  • FAA Flight Examiner Fees
  • FAA Check ride Aircraft Usage

Course Cost: $79,450

Airline Career Program Course Requirements

  • 18 Years of Age
  • 2nd Class Medical Certificate
  • Able to Read, Speak and Comprehend the English language