Private Pilot License

Would you like the freedom to fly cross-country or hop over to Houston or Pensacola, Fla., for a weekend? If so, the Private Pilot License may be the license for you. The Private Pilot license is perfect for someone who wants to fly recreationally, but have the freedom to leave his local training airport area. Once training is completed, a licensed Private Pilot can carry passengers on a small aircraft, sharing the flight experience with friends, family and business associates.

Private Pilot Course includes:

  • Part 141
  • 30 hours dual
  • 5 hours solo
  • 35 academic hours
  • Course Registration and Flight manuals
  • Private Pilot certificate
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Ground instruction
  • Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Post-Flight Briefing
  • Flight Instruction
  • FAA Written Exam Fee
  • FAA Examiner Fee
  • FAA Check Ride Aircraft Rental
  • Unlimited Personal Tutoring

Course Cost: $13,095

Private Pilot Course Requirements

  • 16 years to enroll, 17 to earn your license
  • Able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Able to obtain a 3rd Class Medical Certificate