Certified Flight Instructor

Acadian Aviation offers a Certified Flight Instructor course that prepares you to share your love of flying with new students from across the world .

The Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) course is multi-pronged, it focuses as much on the nuance and subtlety of teaching as the technical skills and rules and regulations within the aviation community.  Understanding how students learn and how to effectively teach is just one of the many topics that are stressed in this two-week course. We designed our program, as we do all of our programs, with realistic expectations and hours. Our goal is to set you up for success. Below is the standard schedule in our CFI program.

CFI Academy

21-Day Program Class Schedule outline

Day 1.

Schedule FAA Check ride date


4.0 hours lecture

4.0 Hours Class preparation (workshop)   

Evenings are for self-study and preparation for next day class

Day 7-14

2.0 hours lecture

2.0 hours class preparation(workshop)

2.0-hour Flight training per day

Day 14-20

2.0-hour flights daily

Spin training awareness and endorsements

Check-ride oral and flight preparation.

Day 20

Mock CFI check ride with Chief Flight Instructor

Day 21



*Acadian pilot will do its utmost to minimize the time between graduation and check ride. Examiners are allowed only One (1) practical exam per day for CFI candidates.

  • 25 flight hours
  • 40 academic hours
  • 2 hours spin/upset recovery
  • 15 hours pre and post flight
  • 82 instructional hours
  • 15 flight hours
  • 25 Academic hours
  • 8 hours pre and post flight briefing
  • 48 instructional hours
  • 15 flight hours
  • 10 Academic hours
  • 6 hours pre and post
  • 31 instructional hours

*ask about our tuition reimbursement program and CFI bonus package

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