About Raja

Hi, welcome to Acadian Pilot training Center, Acadiana’s premiere training facility. we appreciate the confidence you have placed in us to provide you the best flight training experience.

I am Raja Gharazeddine, owner/operator of Acadian Pilot and your Chief Flight Instructor.

Teaching people how to fly is not just my full-time job, but it is my lifelong love.

As a young boy I had a passion for flying and always wanted to learn to fly. For years my dream escaped me, but at 30 years old, I dedicated myself to learning to fly and, working overtime and extra jobs, to earn my private pilot license and ultimately bought my first plane four years later. And, as they say, the rest … is history.

I am a Gold Seal Certificated Flight Instructor with airline transport pilot rating ATP ratings, and teach new students primary, advanced, and commercial ratings. I also hold advanced ground instructor ratings and teach private pilot ground school at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Teaching people how to fly is my full-time job and I offer Acadiana’s only full-time Flight Training, which means that you can learn on your timetable. Most flight schools make you work around their schedule. At Acadian Pilot, you fly when it is convenient for you. For more information, contact Acadian Pilot.