Recreational pilot license

Are you the type of pilot who is only interested in flying an aircraft on those quiet weekends with nice weather? If so, the Recreational Pilot License may be the license for you. The recreational license is intended for just those days when the weather is nice and you would like to fly in the area. Because of the limited range a Recreational Pilot is permitted to fly from his training airport, the Recreational Certificate requires less flight training.

Course includes:

  • 30 Flight Hours
  • 40 Academic Hours
  • Course Registration and Flight Manuals
  • Recreational Pilot Certificate
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Ground Instruction
  • Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Post-Flight Briefing
  • Flight Instruction
  • FAA Written Exam Fee
  • FAA Flight Examiner Fee
  • FAA Check-ride Aircraft Rental
  • Unlimited Personal Tutoring

Course Cost: $6,160

Recreational Pilot Course Requirements

  • 16 years to enroll, 17 to earn your license
  • Able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Able to obtain a 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • For more information, email us at Acadian Pilot.