Instrument Rating Program

The Instrument Rating Program is one of the most challenging certifications a pilot can attain. It expands your flying skills and opens more flying days during the year for you because you are not limited to weather visibility and clouds.

The Instrument Rating Program can be accomplished in as little as 10 days with a strong commitment by the student pilot. Acadian Pilot has the dedicated and experienced instructors to help you attain your Instrument Rating at your own pace.

This program is accomplished under the part 141 standards.

Instrument Rating Course includes

  • 36 Flight Hours
  • 30 Ground Hours
  • Course Registration and Flight Manual
  • Instrument Rating
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Ground instruction
  • Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Post-Flight Briefing
  • Flight Instruction
  • FAA Examiner Fee
  • FAA Checkride Aircraft Rental
  • Unlimited personal tutoring

Price is $10,853

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